Thursday, October 1, 2015

Yee-Haw Grandma Had a Party!

My Grandma Fisher celebrates her birthday each year by throwing a huge family party. This year was one of the best yet: we met for a western barbecue at her house, rode horses, and took pony-cart rides. She encouraged us to dress up as well, so we had a heyday with that.
Her kind neighbor took the children around the pasture in a pony cart.
Teddy found cute cousins to play with on the lawn.
Elijah and Charlotte camped out in the sandbox. It may be time to get ourselves one of these.
Charlotte owns her own cowgirl hat. She looks darling in it!
My Dad grew up here and is a cowboy at heart. He rode this horse around the pasture for almost a full hour.
Isaiah dressed the part of an outlaw. He loved riding horses and kept going back for more turns.
My Dad in his element.
My wonderful parents.
My awesome cousin Lindsay and her family totally deserved to win the costume award.
We had a wonderful time visiting with family and I think the kids (especially Isaiah) will always remember the horse rides.

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