Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween for Days

We celebrated Halloween this year with family in Idaho. Although, now it's beginning to feel like Halloween is an entire month long!

Isaiah loved his ghoul costume and had fun spooking the littles.
We stopped by my sister's house, since she and her husband love Halloween and decorate their ENTIRE house! Fun!
Eli loved talking to the ghost and making him wiggle his arms and shriek.
Isaiah was pretty taken with this creepy bald guy that would stand up and yell if you came near him.
Teddy fell madly in love with Rachel's dog Ohce. He followed it around the house and giggled with joy each time the dog came close enough to pet. Teddy's horse costume would have been slightly funnier if he had still been crawling.
Charlotte made an adorable jester, even though we lost her hat. (It had bells on the ends, too!)
Elijah the Dalmatian puppy ate lots of cinnamon rolls.
Seth as Zeus and me as a Greek Goddess. We make quite a pair!
We even made it all into one photo.
Rachel made an excellent Rosie the Riveter. Dan couldn't figure out why his wrench was lying around later.
Rachel and Brad's cute family. Dog behind included.

Caleb, Billie Jo and Lilly made an awesome superhero trio.

The party at Seth's parents' was an all-day bash with costumes, games, treats, prizes, and great food. We drove out to the ward bonfire trunk-or-treat, made mini pizzas, and ate way too much candy. The kids bounced off the walls for a few extra hours while the adults played another funny round of Scattergories.

Back from the trunk-or-treat, the kids examined their candy loot.
Isaiah was so sugared out he gave his entire pile to Isaac in exchange for a paper airplane.
Eli tried eating most of his. What a great party!

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