Friday, July 10, 2015

Charlotte Turns 6!

Charlotte was thrilled her birthday came on a school day because then she got to pass out treats to her kindergarten class. We brought cookies with sprinkles. Her teacher gave her the candle hat, which she wore the entire day.
Early in the morning before school we let her open her presents. Her brothers were very enthusiastic about bopping her on the head with them.
She loves her new, softer than soft blue blanket. A match made in heaven.
And she's thrilled with her new bike, too. We hunted at four different stores, and finally found this one that almost screamed Charlotte. It's called The Little Missmatched bike. And it features lots of blue. (I'm pretty sure all of her gifts were blue...)
Teddy thought it was pretty neat.
Her Grandma Fisher gave her two blue boxes, one a Cinderella music box, the other a little suitcase for barbie clothes.

We had our friends the Hyde's over for dinner — homemade pizza and decadent strawberry cake.
It was such a fun celebration! We love our Charlotte.

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