Monday, May 25, 2015

Isaiah Turns 9

I can't believe my little boy is 9! He was so excited for his birthday that he made a countdown chain about a week ahead of time. And since it fell on a Sunday this year, we let him open his presents early in the morning (hence, the pjs).

Eli and Charlotte took turns gleefully smashing him on the head for "heavy hangover".
He was thrilled to get a lego minifigure he's been wanting for months: a skeleton general named Samuaki, which has four arms and can open his mouth and chomp on things.
He also got a ninjago video game, pokemon cards, and a pokemon toy, as well as some fun projects from Grandma.
He requested a skeleton cake, and while I am not any kind of cake decorator, I figured my best was pretty good if it made him happy. It did.
And it sort of did look like a skeleton:
We had our friends the Crippens over for cake and ice cream.
I hope he got his wish!
Then we played balloon darts outside to win a few extra prizes like quarters and little chocolates.
Ready, aim, pop!
Trey takes aim while Kyler and Kellan wait their turn.
Teddy and Quinn took a cruise around the backyard.
What a fun day! I love that the whole day felt festive, but still laid back. My kind of birthday.

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