Sunday, April 26, 2015

Keeping Little Hands Busy

It seems like the children are always into some little project, which always makes a mess, but hopefully also provides a few hours of wholesome entertainment. Like these flannel boards. Sometimes I use them to tell stories at family home evening, but sometimes the kids just like to play with them. They spent hours on this day creating elaborate scenes filled with animals, trees, birthday balloons, random pieces of furniture. Great contemplative fun.
Other times when I'm not looking, they make up their own project, like self-made wallpaper. Somewhere along the way Charlotte decided that every favorite coloring page needed to be taped to her wall. Eli has quickly followed suit. (I should have took a picture of his headboard --- now framed by carousel horses and Baymax.) Every time I think of sneaking in their room and peeling a few off, I think, ah, why not just leave them there? It's a funny kind of aesthetic.
And when my mom visits, the children beg for projects. She comes up with cute ones, like these darling little chicks.

And a year after Isaiah made a rainbow at my mom's house, Charlotte finally got to make her own with me (since I eventually get around to stuff). I love that it's complete with lucky a four-leaf clover and a pot of gold.

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