Thursday, April 23, 2015

Bienvenue Alicia!

After serving her mission for 18 months in Paris, France, my niece Alicia came home this March. It was wonderful to see her again, hear her testimony, and have a giant family gathering.
 Here's Alicia with her parents and mine. For the whole homecoming day and all the pictures from her entire mission, Alicia looked like the happiest person on earth. I said that to her and she responded, "Well, I am!"
Me and my lovely sisters Julie and Cheryl and our Mom.
 My Aunt Lorraine and Uncle Jerry.
My Aunt Alta and Uncle Russ.
My Grandma Fisher, Alicia, and my Aunt Karen. Because Karen had served in Belgium and Alicia was there for a few months, they were excited to talk about it.
My sister in law Jennifer and her daughter Nicole. The funniest story of the day was that my baby always cries when I leave the room, but when Jennifer picked him up and he saw her blonde curly hair, he thought she was me and stopped crying!
Best friends and sisters Megan and Alicia.
And fabulous brothers Zach and Jeff.
Naturally, my Mom's favorite thing about a family party is the chance to take a photo of all the grandkids present. This is 20 out of my parents' 24 grandchildren!
And we finally took a picture of our little family. And I realize Seth and I have a "big" family with four darlings. It's just that in comparison to my whole extended family, it's still "little."

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