Thursday, February 12, 2015

The New Kitchen Comman Center

Although I love my blue secretary desk that I kept in the kitchen for things like keys, mail, and stray items awaiting a home, it recently became obvious that I was trying to stuff 50 categories of items into a very small space. So I begged Seth to take me to Ikea and buy this awesome shelf with drawers, baskets, and mail files to go with it.
Now I feel like there is a place for everything and there's finally hope that it can be an orderly "put-things-away-spot" and not a junky dumping ground. And my record player and a whole shelf for records fits, too! Win-win.

Seth felt bad I was booting out the desk, especially since he built it just for me. He was saying, "What are we going to do with the blue desk?" And wouldn't you know it, Charlotte piped right up, "I want a blue desk!" I can't think of anything better for it.

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