Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Mad Dash Before Church

It was a tough Sunday morning. The kind where we're running late, everyone's screaming, we can't find matching shoes or dark socks, there's nothing for lunch, I'm still fixing my hair, Seth's in the shower, and the baby's crying. I was at my wit's end, really. I put Teddy down, crying, on the messy living room floor and went into the kitchen to try to throw some sandwiches together.

 Then I looked over to see why Teddy was finally quiet and my heart grew about four sizes. Of his own accord, Elijah had gone in to comfort his brother, read him a story and hold his hand.
And I knew we would all be just fine. We ate lunch and made it to church. But I hope I always remember Eli's kindhearted example and how much it helped not only Teddy, but me.


Julie said...

That is so adorable! It makes those awful Sundays (and we all have them), seem not so bad.

Carol said...

I just love that picture. So sweet.