Thursday, February 12, 2015

I Am Thankful

Road trips to Idaho are always an adventure. This year on our way there to spend Thanksgiving with family, the kids were really well behaved. And cute.

 While the ladies prepared the feast, the children had fun with stickers. Or "eyes" as they called them.
 Isaiah takes monster status seriously.
 I think Isaac won with the most monster eyes per head.
 Teddy and Lilly get acquainted while Seth and Billie Jo catch up.
 Elijah went for days without naps, refusing to lay down. He finally crashed while watching cartoon on the ipad. No matter...the show will go on for everyone else!
I had fun coming up with place settings this year. I decided to make paper pumpkins out of books. 

 The night before Thanksgiving I spent about two hours on one pumpkin, attacking it with scissors. Then Stella said, "You know I have a band saw." Oh my, that thing is awesome! I made four more pumpkins, a Christmas tree, and a snowman in about five minutes!

 Everything ended up looking fabulous.
 And all the food was absolutely delicious! Stella outdid herself in number of dishes prepared.
 Isaac, Charlotte, and Eleanor smile at the kids' table.

  Caleb, Billie Jo, and Lilly help get things ready.
 Dan and Stella finally act happy that I'm taking their picture!
I am so thankful for family, a healthy body, enormous amounts of everything I need, and plenty of people to love. Life is beautiful!

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