Saturday, August 30, 2014

Little Garden of Eden

Our garden has grown like wild this year and we've been loving the fresh peaches, corn, cucumbers, grapes, melons, blackberries, and tomatoes.
We keep trying to grow a barrier of marigolds to ward off pests around the garden. We learned this trick from our neighbor but have never had as many grow.
Isaiah and Seth are both in heaven with so many tomatoes. We've eaten BLT's for a week straight!
The cantaloupes finally grew for us! They love climbing their pretty red trellis.

We've even had fresh corn, though Seth thinks that it takes up too much space for not many cobs.

I love this little garden bell Seth bought me on his trip to San Francisco.
As per my request, my parents brought me this weathered and well-loved birdhouse before my childhood home in Shelley was sold for good. Matt made the birdhouse decades ago in scouts and it lived a happy life on the fence in our backyard ever since. I love being able to add it to my garden and keep a little memory of him here. When my kids visited my mom, she had them paint little birdhouses for a project and I couldn't think of a place to put them. So I said, "Find a place for them in the backyard." When I looked out later I couldn't help smiling; they chose to place them right next to Matt's.
Eli comes in the house sometimes eating fistfuls of these grapes.
And I really should make something with all of this fresh basil.
I'm happy to report that my Mother's Day begonia is thriving prettily.

Our wild shockwave petunias are now trying to come in the front door.

I'm sure these black-eyed susans are growing to spite me. We planted them five years in a row and each year they died and never came back. Finally we gave up buying new plants and somehow the old ones sprang up like crazy.
A friend gave me a start from her blackberry bush and they've taken over! Seth made some delicious blackberry jam with them. Yum!


Carol said...

Those blackberries are delicious. Beautiful garden. Great job Seth.

stellastar said...

Wonderful. Love the pictures.