Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Paper Mache!

 Randomly over the last few weeks we've worked on our paper mache project. We began of course with the glue, which was hideously gloppy and fun to smooth over the newspaper.
 Charlotte enjoyed tearing paper strips, but refused to get her hands dirty. I told her that was the fun part of the project: we got to be messy! She would have none of it. I made her bowl for her.

 Isaiah on the other hand, plunged in with glee.
 For each bowl's top layer, we added pretty scrapbook paper: wild robots and lightening bolts for Isaiah; pretty pink flowers for Charlotte.

 She's going to make hers into a home for her lamb. Isaiah's not sure what to do with his but he likes the jazziness of it.


stellastar said...

That looks fun. How do you think up all these fun and innovative ideas??

Carol said...

Great Job kids. I love paper mache