Friday, June 1, 2012


Last weekend we made a rare foray into Utah county (to pick up Charlotte's amazing pink chair). So we decided to make a Family Adventure out of it. We toured Cabela's and were quite impressed ... it's as good as an animal history museum! Their fish tanks were awesome. And full of super-ugly fish.
The kids were intrigued...well, we all were, honestly.
They also had lots of animals on display, from impalas and boars....
to porcupines and FEROCIOUS lions.
And polar bears. Don't forget the polar bears.
Here's me and the belly. Almost 8 months along! Only 5 weeks to go!
This little guy was so cute I wanted to pet him. Too bad he's dead, stuffed, and out of reach.

Later we stopped by Ikea, which was madness on a Saturday, especially with children (think: herding kittens upstream). But we did admire a few awesome couches, like this one:

And I bought a cute kiddy laundry hamper and random other stuff which I now can't remember.


Jess said...

Fun! Oddly enough, we have a Cabellas on the way to our Ikea, so we sometimes do them both in the same trip, too. When we're gluttons for herding kittens :) Cute belly! Can't believe you're so close!

Carol said...

You look darling with your cute belly. Looks like a fun time with the fam.