Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Boys' Room

 The crib is up and the nursery is ready! When is this baby going to show up already?!!!
 Here's the cute safari nursery corner. All ready for a sweet new baby.
 Since Isaiah's closet was constantly a disaster, we decided to put the changing table there. It fits nicely.
Isaiah's side of the room is more grown up. I still love his quilt; I'm not the biggest fan of his monster painting, but I guess it is pretty funny.

 I found the perfect shelf to go above Isaiah's dresser. He loved setting out his lego creations for display.
 Here's his awesome treasure chest from Great Grandpa Blackson. I have to say it's the coolest man's jewelry box I've ever seen.


Jess said...

Hooray for the nursery tour! It all looks perfect. Maybe your boy will hurry up just to enjoy it sooner :)

Rachel Hansen said...

I love nursery tours as well. I remember the feeling of waiting to fill up those cribs with adorable babies.

Carol said...

What a great room. You did a beautiful job. I LOVE it.