Saturday, June 9, 2012

Back to Prehistoric Themes

 Friday the kids and I took a Summer Adventure to the Dinosaur park in Ogden. They loved it! First, we ran around outside and saw all the awesome dinos: from ferocious ones like this
 to cute mom's with babies like this one.
 Charlotte loved walking through the mini "forest" and collecting sticks.
 Isaiah's already great at pretending to be eaten.
 Ooh, I had to admire this bright Indian Paintbrush.
 Spikey tails...
 Isaiah could reach in and pet the scaly dino skin.
 I love how the museum makes these giants look right at home in their surroundings.
 They each took a turn as a dino wrangler.

 Can you imagine a better place to swing? After playing at the playground for awhile, we ate a picnic lunch outside on the benches.
 Then we spent a long time inside at the educational discovery center, where they have puzzles, books, toys, and art projects.
 Charlotte made a new friend; she discovered he also loves fruit snacks and stories.

 Isaiah hunted through the dino puzzles until he found one about Pirates. We spent almost an hour putting it together. Puzzles are a great mentally absorbing activity.
And this last little flower wished us well on our day. Lovely. We went home and took naps!


Rachel Hansen said...

That looks like so much fun too bad we don't have any dino museums near us. Though recently a man in twin falls found a mammoth in his backyard while digging in the flower bed.

Carol said...

Are the kids feeling better ? Looks like a lot of fun. Can I take them there when you have the baby ? Weeee.

Rebecca said...

Yes they are and yes you may! It's a fun place.

stellastar said...

You are always busy doing fun things!!