Saturday, May 19, 2012

Party Time, Mateys

 I finally threw Isaiah a giant birthday party. It was really fun! We decided on a pirate theme, which made everything easy, especially since Pinterest had a million awesome ideas.
My friend Kelly loaned me a bunch of her skeletons for decorations, and I bought Jolly Rogers online. 
 Here's our creepy but fun treat table. We had Pirate Ship cupcakes, shark bait (goldfish), shark's blood (hawaiian punch ice cubes melted in sprite), and pretzels (we used them for a game at the party).
 I think I needed taller toothpicks. At least they were yummy and all the cake crumbs were outside!
 For a craft, we made an ocean in a bottle. The kids liked adding shells and gems.
 The treasure hunt was a little easy, I admit, but hey, I was limited to the backyard. They thought the map was fun, though.
 At each location on the map, they found a piece of their pirate costume: a hat, a sash, a black beard with a mustache.
 Isaiah makes a pretty mean looking pirate!
 We had them walk to the end of the plank and then feed the shark by tossing in bean bags.
Pin the patch on the pirate was pretty awesome, mainly because of Seth's drawing that made me laugh so hard I....well, I laughed.

 My amazing friends Kelly and Cortney came to help me, since my voice was hoarse from my cold and 12 little pirates all at once gave me a lot of anxiety. It's not so bad when there are more adults!
 We had a "peg leg" race, or three-legged race. So hilarious, because none of the kids had done that before. They literally dragged their partners across the grass. We didn't come up with a winner, but we laughed a lot.

 They all liked taking a turn on "Hook the Pretzel" and one kid even thought the goal was not only to see how many pretzels you could hook in 15 seconds, but also how many you could eat!

 Isaiah's friends gave him awesome gifts. He was thrilled.
Little treasure treat bags for the pirates were filled with gold coins and gold candy, like Twix and Rolos. All in all, a very successful party. Definitely good for a once-in-a-childhood venture.

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Jess said...

Awesome party! I guess that's what parents be here for, arrrghhh :) Looks like it was a huge hit. (Dane wants to know if there is another eye under the patch, or just a big hole... :)