Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Happy Birthday Charlotte!

 Yesterday Charlotte turned 3! I can't believe she's already that big. We hunted high and low and found the perfect pink chair for her. She is going to love sitting in this to read stories and play.

 Grandma Fisher gave her a barn with animals. She almost cried for joy when she saw the lamb.

 She has a recent love of Grover from Sesame Street, so we gave her a small toy Grover and a copy of The Monster at the End of This Book. Seth read it to them and they both loved it.
After gifts we had chocolate cake. Charlotte chose the Hello Kitty paper stuff when she was jealous of all the stuff we bought for Isaiah's party two weeks earlier. On Charlotte's birthday, Isaiah was jealous of all the attention going to Charlotte.

It's pretty easy to blow out all of the candles when you only have one. The kids like the number candles. She opted for this one over three PINK ones.

After her bath and wearing her new pajamas, the Birthday Girl is almost camouflaged in her pink chair.

And to include Isaiah because of course we love him too, here's a picture of him holding up his lately monster drawing that he lovingly framed.


Carol said...

Looks like Charlotte had a happy birthday. I can see her sitting in her comfortable chair reading away, lamb in hand.

The Atkinsons said...

Where did you find the book "The Monster at the end of this book?" My mom read that book to me when I was little! I love it!

Rebecca said...

Amazon, baby!

stellastar said...

Love the pink chair!!! (And the girl too.)