Wednesday, May 2, 2012


 Isaiah's developed a recent love for "gems" — any kind of shiny diamond, ruby, or other "treasure" looking object. He frequently scours my jewelry box and wants to know how much everything is worth. So recently, I took Isaiah and Charlotte to visit the local Dinosaur Museum, which also features a gem, rock, and fossil exhibit.
 He loved this giant crystal, among other bright things we saw there.
 Charlotte wanted to keep this little jade elephant.
 I love it when she wears this hat around! Wonderful!

Isaiah liked this giant nugget of pyrite, especially since he owns a small piece of pyrite himself.

 Charlotte takes a gander at this wooly hairy thing downstairs.
And climbs on skeletons that she shouldn't.
 Both kids enjoy the animated dinosaurs that roar and stamp and seem ready to fight each other in this face-off.


Jess said...

The dinosaurs are back...frequently! Love how close you are to that awesome museum.

Carol said...

Lucky, lucky kids to have such a great MOM.

stellastar said...

You guys are always doing fun things.