Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Garden Planting

I had so much fun planting the garden this year for two reasons.

#1: Isaiah helped me make ADORABLE plant markers. I can't get over how much I love these.

 (The lettuce seeds I sowed last year never sprouted and I gave them up for lost. Then I was lazy and didn't till in the fall. Then the snow watered the garden and Surprise! I was blessed with lazy-gal early garden lettuce!)
 #2: Everyone helped me plant this year! I wasn't overly motivated to plant by myself since it's nearly impossible to bend over my belly. So Seth planted the large garden and the children helped, too.

 Both Isaiah and Charlotte LOVED placing the plant markers as well. It makes it so fun. And easier to remember what seedlings to look for, of course.

Here's our box of tomatoes. We decided to let the lettuce grow a little more while the tomato plants fill in.


Jess said...

That looks AMAZING! I'm impressed every year by your gardening skills. Nice to get the whole family helping. Isaiah should market his garden tag designs :)

stellastar said...

Looks so good. You'll have a lot of good veggies soon.

Carol said...

fun garden..fun family...fun plant tags.

Rachel Hansen said...

You are way ahead of me this year. We planted a few tomatoes and then we got too busy and the rest is bare. I simple adore the tags!