Tuesday, May 22, 2012

For my kindred spirit in Texas

Dear Jessica,
Look what I bought in honor of you — succulent plants! Aren't they adorable? Especially planted in "Rebecca pottery." Now we'll see if I can keep them alive through the summer. Right now they are enjoying life on the bistro table in our backyard.

Wish you could meet me here for lunch!



Jess said...

Ahhhh, those are FABULOUS! Especially in Rebecca pottery, for sure. What a fun image to greet my morning :) I'll send them live-long wishes :) You're the best,

Rachel Hansen said...

This is a gorgeous picture like from a planting magazine. Isaac's class had a field trip to a big greenhouse this year. While we were there he brushed against a succulent and a few of the leaves fell off onto the pavement. I scooped them up and tucked them in my pocket. At home I stuck them in some dirt in the window. They are starting to develop little plants. I'm super excited though I have never had much success with succulents. I water them too much I guess. They just always look thirsty to me. :)