Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Painting Projects

The other day Isaiah asked me if I had a puzzle prize stashed for him somewhere. "I know you hide prizes in the linen closet," he said. Ah, it's true. I have started a fun stash (I'm so much like my mother!). So I checked and didn't find puzzles, but little sun catchers to paint. I gave Isaiah one to his delight. Then Charlotte started crying and asking for one too. I forget that she is old enough to want a present whenever he gets one. Luckily, I had two. So they had a painting party in their little craft aprons. And Isaiah magically made gray paint and was upset he couldn't recreate the phenomenon, so he washed all the paint off his sun catcher and said he'd do it over. And Charlotte dumped her paints all over the floor and then wiped her hands all over her clothes.


Rachel Hansen said...

Cute! Love the recent kiddie quotes too.

Jess said...

I love all these little snapshots of life :) A good way to "not let those most important things pass you by." Cute kids :)