Friday, December 10, 2010

Isaiah's Blue-Green Ocean

I finally finished Isaiah's new quilt, so I can show you his awesome new bed. His quilt is in ocean blues and greens (though Isaiah says the greens are the creatures). He loves his new captain's bed that a friend gave us. There's a ladder to climb up and a desk beside it, and space underneath to build the perfect fort. What's not to love?


carol said...

love love Isaiah's stuff. The quilt turned out great & what a fun room. I can see why he loves his bed. Do you have to drag him out of his room ? I bet he'd like to spend a lot of time there....great talent you .

Shae said...

awesome! i love this quilt and curtains, and all the decor! how fun! and what a fun bed!! i bed isaiah love it!!

Jess said...

That is an amazing bed! And quilt. How perfect for Isaiah. I'll have to show Avery, but then she'll want one... :)