Monday, November 22, 2010

Wretched, Rotten Trees, Please Forgive Us

We have loved our flowering trees out front for the four years we've lived here. We've looked past the way their roots have mangled sidewalk and broken the cement in the park strip.

Spring is my all-time favorite, when their full of gorgeous popcorn blooms.

But I also love the shade they provide in summer and their bright leaves in autumn.

But when their roots infiltrated and clogged the sewer pipes, we got out our chainsaws and said it was time to end the relationship. Saturday was execution day and we had quite a few of our neighbors show up and help. Isaiah got a kick out of pushing over the stumps. We also collected a large amount of firewood, and made mulch for the garden. It will take awhile to get used to seeing the front yard without our trees, but hopefully we won't need new sewer pipes!

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The Atkinsons said...

Oh man! Those trees were so pretty, but I'm glad you won't have anymore problems! It's weird to see your house without them there!