Wednesday, October 6, 2010

We should have rented

Today we traded our entire savings account for a brand new furnace. I feel completely gypped. It was like saving for years for an exotic vacation (in reality a van) and instead having to buy something boring and utterly useless, like insulation. (Or that %#@! 4-Runner.)

(Here's the lovely new furnace)

Seth decided it was time to have our furnace checked, since the house is old and it’s never been serviced. The technicians took one look at it and said, “Whoa! That thing is old. You should consider replacing it soon.” Then they examined it and found that it’s leaking gross amounts of carbon monoxide. “Whoa! You should replace that thing NOW. Are you getting headaches?” Well, yes, but I thought that was from the tantrums (the kids’, not mine).

Days like this make me ill over (carbon monoxide) and remembering the thousands upon thousands of dollars we’ve sunk into this money pit. Is it really worth being able to paint the walls any color we want? And plant a garden and have cool neighbors? At least we'll have a lower energy bill, and be really warm all winter.

(Here's the icky old furnace)


carol said...

I feel for you.........It's still much better to own your home than rent. Besides you have such a great home!

Hansen Family said...

Sorry! I feel for you, there are very few more unglamorous things to spend lots of money on than useful, hidden appliances.

kim said...

What I loved it when my house was beautiful and we tried to sell it we still had to fork out money ($2500) for a roof that we wouldn't even get to use.....sorry I feel your pain. I did love owning a house though...and look at all of your wonderful neighbors :)

Cort said...

You're hilarious. I've never heard you "almost" swear! Wow, it must be bad. And now I'm concerned, that old furnace looks exactly like mine. How do I know what my headaches are from. I thought it was lack of sleep. And, I too, understand the pain of paying insane money for something a roof that you never see. Ah, the joys of being a homeowner.

Jess said...

Aarrghhh...that's rotten! I'm glad you found the CO2, though. Definitely a "con" of homeowning.(Though it stinks to pay tens of thousands of dollars for something you don't end up owning if you rent...) Maybe we should just give up and buy that island? :)